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As the world braces itself for a bulging population, expected to reach close to 10 billion by 2050, there is dire need to overhaul certain industries to make them future proof. Agriculture till now has been one of the least agile sectors even as other industries have kept rapidly evolving, but as the challenge of feeding a surging population continually mounts along with the growing fear around climate change, time has arrived for the sector to undergo a major transformation. We at SBSF fundamentally believe in the power of technology to drive this transformation and thus desire to lead it by example.


Large Holdings and


Researchers and Professional
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Specialized in Chemicals,
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What We Do

Crop Intelligent Care

Expert Content

Curated and orginal content from a highly engaged community of specialists and fast knowledge sharing amongst the vast farming community. Content availability in multiple languages, shorter & simpler content formats and delivery through multiple channels.

Crop Diagnostic Tools & Data Access

Liscensed or self-developed as well as simple to use diagnotic tools along with readily available personalised expert consulting. Focus on structured data collection and aggregation for yield prediction, disease outbreak alerts and information as well as other use cases.

AI Driven Innovation

Tools and solutions built from the grounds up using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. Focus on enhancing operational efficiencies and optimizing for scale. Enabling ground-breaking research by unlocking the vast potential of data.

SBSF AgriTech

Our Team

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Dr. Shravani Basu Managing Director, Co-Founder
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Manan Arora Partner, Co-Founder
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Ángel de Jaén Gotarredona Partner, Co-Founder

Board of Advisors

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Dr. Mukti Sadhan Basu MD, SBSF Consultancy & Former Director - ICAR
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Dr. Sébastien Foucaud Chief Data Officer at HRS Group